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About City & Venue
The attractive city

Incheon is a city located in northwestern South Korea, bordering Seoul and Gyeonggi to the east. Today, about 3 million people live in the city, making it South Korea’s third most-populous city after Seoul and Busan. The city’s growth has been assured in modern times with the development of its port due to its natural advantages, as a coastal city and its proximity to the South Korean capital, It is part of the Seoul Capital Area, along with Seoul itself and Gyeonggi Province, forming the world’s fifth largest metropolitan area by population.

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Islands of Incheon

There are about 168 mysterious islands in Incheon. When the unique value of each untainted island is revealed, the exotic nature of the islands can be experienced. The islands are about an hour away from the metropolitan area. The natural setting of the islands provides revitalization to those who are exhausted in their treadmill-like ordinary lives. The islands of Incheon make it possible for one to experience the beauty of the sea and the natural greenery of the vegetation.

Ijakdo Island

Ijakdo is the filming location for a movie, 쏛 teacher of an island village,쓆nd appears a popular entertainment show of 2 days and 1 night.씲쟅t well reflects the beautiful scenery of the island.혻
If you visit to Ijakdo , you can see the 쁏uldeung comes in sight from a distance. Puldeung, a small sandy island, appears 3 to 5 hours at low tide. Private boats nearby restaurant can give you a ride. Reservation is required.혻An impression of a floating desert at sea attracts many tourists.

Yeonpyeongdo Island혻

Yeonpyeongdo Island is 122km away by sea from Incheon Port, but it is only 12.7km away from Yuksemi, Gangryeong peninsula of North Korea. Until the Japanese colonialism, the island셲 administrative and living zones belong to Hwanghae-do. More than 70% of the residents are the displaced from Hwanghae-do.혻During the Korean War, they left their home for a while, but still can셳 go back.
Visitors can see Monument for Battle of Yeonpyeong Victory on Dangseom which connects Daeyeonpyeongdo Island and Soyeonpyeongdo Island. Yeonpyeongdo Island is an island where visitors can realize the importance of security and peace along with the beautiful scenery.

Ganghwado Island

Ganghwado Island is often called as the miniature of the modern and contemporary history of Korea. It even has relics dating back from the prehistoric period. It is also called the 쁳he roofless museum. While walking around Ganghwado Island, visitors has the feeling of walking during the thousands of years of history.
Since there is a concentration of cultural relics, coupled with a magnificent natural landscape, it has become a popular recreation spot. It has a bicycle road following the contour of the coasts of Ganghwado Island that has been kept intact. This makes it possible to tour the island and the old fortress site.

Incheon China Town

Situated approximately 30 kilometers west of Seoul,혻Incheon셲 Chinatown, with its colorful aesthetic and numerous attractions, makes for a memorable day trip from혻South Korea셲 capital city. In addition to a slew of museums, galleries, and green spaces, the area is renowned for its cuisine, ranging from traditional Chinese fare to fusion dishes, many of which are culturally and historically significant.

Wolmido Island

At Wolmido Island (connected to the mainland), one can walk along the shore혻to enjoy the beautiful sea views or dine at its many cafes or혻fresh seafood restaurants.

For a fun-filled day, check out the Wolmi Theme Park with its popular rides like혻Tagada Disco, two-storey Viking Ship, 70m high Hyper Shoot Drop and 115m high Ferris Wheel.혻The theme park is famous as the혻filming location혻for variety shows like ‘We Got Married’, Running Man’ and ‘Two Days and One Night’.

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The International city

Songdo International City began development in 1994 and is being built on reclaimed land. It is designated to become a center of diverse international businesses, a hub for international trade, an area for knowledge-based technologies, and a place for eco-friendly urban living. Construction is due to be completed in 2020.

The Songdo International City is an advanced technology city. It is filled with romance. Life and industry co-mingle with culture and the arts, as if all the world셲 cities are gathered together in one city. The cultures of the east and the west wait to be experienced in Songdo International City. Welcome to the future of Korea.

Hotel Kyeong Won Jae Ambassador

Incheon Art Center


The Songdo International City is a Free Economic Zone built in the vicinity of Incheon International Airport. It is No. 1 in terms of foreign investment among eight major free economic zones in Korea. There is no alley in the city due to the superblock-oriented development, thus, the most pleasant and broad roads are formed.

The Songdo International City is rising as one of the hottest places in Incheon in terms of tourism, culture, leisure, MICE (Meeting, Incentive trip, Convention, Exhibition & Event), and shopping. This complex cultural space provides sharing of happiness to all visitors.


Songdo Convensia

A convention centerwhere the technology and eco-friendliness coexist

It adds convenience and comfort to customers businesses using its unique characteristics, including modern communication infrastructure, installation of up-to-date ubiquitous system, and the first green convention center in Korea.

Size of Songdo Convensia

  • Building Area: 50,010.88렊
  • Total Floor Area : 117,163.60렊
    (Ground : 72,799.31렊, Underground : 44,339.16렊)
  • Number of Floors : Underground 1 floor, Ground 4 floors
  • Parking Capacity: 1,157 cars
    (Ground:355 cars, Underground:802 cars)
Build on a 100 thousand 렊 site, Songdo Convensia is capable of successfully holding international events with its mutli-functional conference rooms and facilities including an exhibition room and
premium ballrooms. In addition, the infrastructure surrounding
Songdo Convensia has been well established and includes hotels, commercial buildings, leisure activities and shopping facilities and features such notable places as Central Park, Northeast Asia Trade Tower, and the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club.

Songdo Convensia is well-known for the Asia셲 largest pillar-less building.

It boasts the highest and largest exhibition space without pillars. 32 meters of height to ceiling and 144 meters of length without pillars enable limitless productions of convention to be possible.
It received the Incheon Architect Awards in 2008 and the grand prize of the 4th Korean Architectural Awards for construction.

  • Address
    123 Central street, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • Contact
    TEL. +82 32-210-1114 / Fax. +82 32-210-1005 / www.songdoconvensia.com
Incheon International Airport 넂 Songdo Convensia
  • By car

    Airport New Town IC 넂 Songdo Direction 넂 Incheondaegyo Bridge 넂 Yeonsu JC
    넂 Songdo International City/Namdong Industrial Complex (Gyeongin Expressway #3)Direction 넂 Songdo IC
    넂 Right exit to the direction of Songdo International City/Free Economic Zone Office
    넂 Take a right towards Free Economic Zone/Songdo 넂 Make a U-turn in front of Northeast Asia Trade Tower(NEATT)

  • By Bus

    Songdo Sheraton Hotel Stop : 6070B (Incheon Airport 4B)
    ConvensiA stop : 6724, 1301, 6-1, 91
    Songdo ConvensiA stop : 780, 6, 8, 92
    The Sharp First World Stop : 303

  • By subway

    Incheon Subway : Incheon Subway Station Exit 4 (2 minute walk)